Infertility Management

Infertility Management

We have a special infertility clinic to give special attention and complete management of infertile couple. Facilities available are as follows:

Couples facing fertility challenges often remark that it seems to them as if no one else has such issues. Everywhere they turn, they encounter families with children, and wonder why they have been singled out for this "rare" condition. Due to changing attitudes and the advent of technologies to treat such issues, discussing the topic of fertility has become more acceptable in today's society. Yet, the stigma associated by some parts of the community to fertility issues combined with a feeling of inadequacy can, and often does, lead to a sense of isolation and/or exclusion for the couples. While it may seem that fertility challenges are quite rare, statistics show that 15 - 20% of all couples will face some form of fertility issue in their marriage.

What is Infertility?

The generally accepted definition of infertility is the inability of a couple attempting to conceive a pregnancy for a period of 12 months or more, to become pregnant. This standard is derived by statistical analysis. A couple attempting to conceive have a 20% chance (with optimal conditions) of becoming pregnant in any given month. Accordingly, until at least 6 months have passed, they remain within the statistical average. Since optimal conditions can be interfered with (unbeknownst to the couple) by many factors, we require a 12 month period in order to assume that there is a fertility problem.

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